Sailing in Barbados
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About LRN 2 Sail

Owner Operated

Now located at the Barbados Cruising Club, we started the Sailing School in 2009 as a result of Isaac's vision to create a year-round Sailing Program that is as inclusive as possible. Isaac has been Sailing since the age of 5 and has a real passion for the sport, and created the program, tweaking it whenever necessary to make sure we are in line with international standards. Marianne was a novice to the sport at the beginning, but has since learned the ropes and keeps the Sailing School running as smoothly as possible. We are thrilled to be joined by Dominic Austin, our Head Instructor, who has worked with us from the very beginning and brings passion, energy and dedication to every lesson. 

First-Rate Staff

The school would be lost without our team of dedicated staff who are all trained to World Sailing standards and have many years of hands on teaching experience. They work hard to make sure that every client gets the best Sailing experience possible. Picture of Sailing Instructors (left to right) Leisl, Josh, Isaac, Rasheed, Dominic.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality Sail training possible and to give each client the best service we can provide. Learn to Sail in Barbados for the best experience.

Contact Us

LRN 2 Sail Barbados Inc. 243-6618