Our Program

Comprehensive Levels

Our program is broken down into easily manageable levels that build up to make you as confident in a dinghy as possible. You can go as far as you like in the levels program, as well as learning to race, but can also learn the basics and then get out on your own. See our services here.


Our levels come with BSA approved certification. We supply a hard copy of your certificate, and children also get a rope 'trinket' that indicates which level they have completed (colour coded). 

World Sailing Based

Our course follows the outlines set by World Sailing, including safety, sailing theory and practical skills. It has been tweaked for our specific sailing conditions. 

BSA Approved

Our Program is supported by the Barbados Sailing Association and is in line with their official guidelines.

Staff Qualifications

In 2012 our staff completed the World Sailing Level 1 Technical course for instructors, and in 2013, Isaac did the WS Training Scholarship. Since then, all staff members have been trained by Isaac using these guidelines. The instructors are also trained in power boat use and First Aid.


How do I start sailing? Contact Us for information on the courses we have available and how to register. It is easy and we can get you sailing quickly!

What age can kids start? We take kids from age 6 and up for our group programs, and  run 'kindersail' for kids aged 4 and 5 during some camps, but younger kids can also sail with a parent during private lessons. We have special rates for parent and child sailing together. 

Can I use my qualification abroad? Yes. We can supply you with a syllabus to take with you, but it is likely that you will have to do an evaluation.